Andrew McCormack’s Graviton

Start: Saturday 3rd February 2.30pm – 5.00pm
Venue: Royal Clifton Hotel, Southport PR8 1RB

Andrew McCormackspent the last few years immersing himself in the New York City jazz scene. He continued to develop his exceptional composing skills and most recently signed with the Jazz Village record label.

Andrew’s latest project is Graviton. In simple terms, gravitons are tiny particles that carry the “force” of gravity. It is what brings you back down to Earth when you jump. Their music may be best described as a mix of Steve Reich and Tigran Hamasyan, without boundaries

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Andrew released Graviton, a new ‘all-star’ group album in June 2017 that is absolutely packed with unending musical personality and will be supported by a limited set of exclusive shows throughout the year. Andrew has assembled some of the most sought-after musicians in modern jazz, all of whom bring something special to the mix.


“What has Andrew McCormack been smoking so that he’s coming up with such great new music, to be found on the new album, ‘Graviton’? Been playing track after track from this new album, week after week, as has Chris Philips. Really, really good.”

Jez Nelson, Somethin’ Else / JazzFM


“Virtually undefinable, in a good way.”

Chris Philips, Jazz FM Radio Presenter & Head of Music


“McCormack is a brilliant British pianist and composer.”

Giles Peterson, BBC Radio 6 Presenter, Disc Jockey & Record Owner

Andrew McCormack – Piano/keys
Noemi Nuti – Vocals
Leo Richardson – Sax
Rob Mullarkey – Bass
Josh Blackmore – Drums